Landscape with Mimosa Tree
Pink, Orange and Blue Painting
Venetian Masks
Languedoc Landscape
Olive Trees

Les Darlings Artistes

Ruth Rankin and Bryan Andrews are two artists who share many mutual inspirations and passions. We adore art, travel and each other.

Our work reflects our enthusiasm for life and depicts vibrant, colourful scenes from our travels. France features strongly in our work, especially the Languedoc region in the south. Above all, we love lots of colour.

How Les Darlings Artistes Got Their Name

A few years ago we received a Christmas card from some friends, with the message “To Les Darlings Artistes of international renown.” We found this so funny and charming that the name stuck. We’re still waiting for the international renown. Meanwhile, we continue to paint.



Not Black And White

Les Darlings Artistes are excited to announce their current exhibition Not Black and White. Join us for a feast of colour, with vibrant paintings and ceramics inspired by nature and our travels in Europe.

Courtyard Arts Gallery
Port Vale | Hertford | SG14 3AA
November 12-23, 2019
Open Tuesday – Saturday 10am-4pm

Collioure Belltower
Paziols church
Mountains near Tautavel


Centre of the Universe combines a love story and an imagined solution to the mystery of Rennes-le-Château. On sale now in the shop at Courtyard Arts or direct from Bryan.

Centre of the Universe